Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is My Little Pomy? My Little Pomy is a creation stemming from a want to help others to experience greater joy in life! The puppies you see here are selectively raised in only one of two areas. This is because we are SO Selective about where we get our puppies from and only work with one other breeder that we have known for 30 years. Our purpose is to help others enjoy life by sharing it with a canine companion!


2.  How do I know that you are not a scam? There are a lot of people out there that are scammers and it can be hard to tell the true breeders from the scammers. Instead of taking our word that we are real, we invite you to either FaceTime or Skype us to interact with us and your puppy! You will see that the puppy is real and so are we, and we can give you a virtual tour of the area your puppy is playing in! It can be scary to put your trust in someone that you haven't physically met, and we understand that. We want to help make your experience with My Little Pomy as real as can be and we strive for the best customer service to assist you along the way! 

3. Will I be able to visit my puppy or speak to the breeder before I purchase her? Yes. You can either put a down payment and come to see her or you can visit with your puppy online! You are always welcome to speak to the breeder and we can do either email, phone, or Skype. We want to make this experience an exciting and easy one for you! Whenever you want, you have the option to speak directly to your breeder and one of our puppy experts, to ask any questions you have, learn more about your puppy and address any concerns you may have.

4. Are the puppies registered? Yes! The puppies are registered through CKC. 

5. Why did you choose CKC to register the puppies? We researched a lot of different registries and chose CKC because of the inclusiveness and standards that are similar to us! CKC is an all-breed canine registry and an organization comprised of educated dog owners, experienced breeders, dog training experts, and professional partners who specialize in important aspects of canine care and breeding. They also recognize cross-breeds, where some registries may not - as though cross breeds do not have a right to be a part of the registry just because they are not 'pure-bred'. My Little Pomy is about inclusiveness and recognizing ALL beings, no matter what. We found that CKC also holds to these standards and so we chose to work with them moving forward.

6. Why are your puppies so expensive? To be a responsible breeder, there is a lot that one must do to prepare for the litter and beyond. The mother is our first priority and we want her to be as healthy and happy as possible, so we make sure that she has the best care wherever we go. We put a lot of money, time, and effort into creating the healthiest environment for our expecting mothers and their babies. We have state of the art equipment available and vets working with us to make sure the puppies survive. Some of our equipment includes a puppy incubator and a puppy oxygen concentrator on site just in case the worst case scenario arrives. We find our prices to be competitive and comparable to many others out there, and we hold ourselves to standards above and beyond. What we do involves a lot more than just selling puppies - We are investing in the cleanest, safest, and healthiest environment so that: your puppy has all vaccinations up to date, the best healthcare possible, pregnancy visits from the time we find the female mother to be pregnant, ultrasounds to see how many are in the litter and to make sure that they are healthy, specialized food that nurtures the mother during pregnancy and lactation, emergency c-section if there is a difficult birth, bottle-feeding if one of the puppies needs extra-specialized care around the clock, looking into applicants to see if they are a good fit for the puppy they would like, booking and paying for the safest flight for your puppy to make sure they are as secure and comfortable as possible on the flight, and answering all questions that the client might have! Phew! That's a lot! We are also on call 24/7 after you get your puppy to help you deal with any potential hypoglycemia issues, potty training, and just general questions to help put your mind at ease! We really, truly do care a great deal about EVERY PUPPY that is born here with us, and we want to make sure that the person purchasing one of these precious babies has everything that they need to succeed! We're here for you every step of the way!

7. Why don't you have that many puppies on your website? We are 'responsible breeders', meaning that the health of our females comes before anything else. We do not breed our females more than two times in a row because they need a recovery period and time off to play and relax. The welfare of our dogs is the main priority, so at times we may not have any puppies to sell. We also do not force a breeding between the male and female - It is up to her if the mating takes place. If she is in heat but does not want to accept the male, then we will not force her to accept him. We respect her decision and will wait another 6-8 months. This may result in us not having a litter of puppies but it also results in a happier, healthier bunch of puppies when we do! 


8.  Do you sell teacup or toy puppies? While there is no actual category in the registries for 'teacup' and/or 'toy' puppies, we at My Little Pomy do recognize 'teacup' as being under 3 lbs and 'toy' as being 3-5lbs. A regular size Pomeranian can get to 7 lbs, although some have been known to be a lot bigger. We cannot guarantee what size your puppy will be. We use a scale to estimate what the full grown size will be, but this is not a hard and fast rule - it is only a guideline. We also look at the parent's weight and size to determine what the size of your puppy potentially could be. With all of these factors in play, there is usually a 'runt' of the litter that is a little smaller than the rest. This runt will usually be under 5 lbs and sometimes under 3 lbs. If the puppy is that small, the price is always going to be a little more. There is also extra-precautions that you will need to be aware of when owning a puppy of that size, since hypoglycemia can be an issue and you will need to be careful to assist where necessary in the puppy's growth. The smaller the puppy, the more care that is needed. 

9. Why use My Little Pomy rather than adopt from a shelter? This is a personal question that you will need to answer for yourself. Everyone that works at My Little Pomy currently has both shelter animals and pure bred animals - We love them all the same! One reason to get a puppy from My Little Pomy, though, is because you know EXACTLY who the parents are, if they are purebred you know the temperament to expect, and you know the exact birthdate, birth time, birthplace, and how it has been cared for and by whom since birth! Most of our clients love that they can track the history of their baby puppy from pregnancy onward! We are not going to tell someone to adopt from us because we are better than a shelter - it's simply personal choice. If the animal speaks to you, it speaks to your soul no matter where it comes from.