About Us

We love puppies!! Actually, we love animals in general and we believe that humans are on the planet to help love and protect all kinds of animals. We chose to specialize in Pomeranians, but we also sell other breeds here too! We want to perfect the breed as much as possible, and help to create unique blends of Pomeranians and others that all can enjoy! We love and care for each of these puppies and socialize them from birth onward. We are humanitarians to the core and love to take care of little Beings. We wanted to start this venture to give other people as much love and happiness as we have experienced with our own babies! Meet some of our team below!

Our Team

Jemma Zenith

Breeder, Caretaker & Customer Care

James Beymer

Our Holistic Veterinarian 

Mark Weideman

Breeder, Caretaker & Animal Lover

In addition to the team above, we also work with 2 other licensed veterinarians in Superior, Colorado and Sarasota, FL. We have all males and females cleared with these vets before breeding.